Document Review

People regularly pay their trusted mechanic $100 to undertake a vehicle inspection of a used $7,000 car that they are thinking of buying.

So when it comes to making the biggest investment of your life, it makes sense to have a trusted advisor review the documents associated with the community that you will soon call home.
Condo 411’s objective is to reduce the risk associated with the transfer of ownership of a unit within a Condominium Corporation by providing an assessment of the accuracy and completeness of the documentation provided to a prospective purchaser.

Such a thorough review of the required condominium documents is essential to enable you to make an informed purchase decision.

At Condo 411 we undertake that diagnostic analysis and present, objectively, the facts.
Such a review of the wholesale replica watchfinancial records and reserve studies acts as a barometer of the fiscal and physical health of your future home; correspondingly, with a review of the corporation’s bylaws, policies and minutes a social critique of the community can be made.

We fully understand the stresses involved when purchasing your new home and our goal is to minimize any unwanted surprises after your purchase.rolex lady datejust pearlmaster replica

You need to know if there is a likelihood of a “special assessment” in the near future that could unduly burden your family financially. Also, you need to know that there may be parking for only one vehicle and that you may have to park your second car in the street which has no overnight parking during winter months. Further, you need to know if you can keep the family pet in your unit.

Determination of these and many other facts is crucial to the enjoyment of your future home and community.
Allow us to take the surprises out of your purchase experience.

Document Review Calgary

What we provide:

    • Executive summary and critique
    • Risk indicators (point form summary of red flags to carefully consider)
    • Report binder of all documents
    • Detailed Document review of:

✓ Bylaws
✓ Reserve studies
✓ Financial Review of Audits and financial statements
✓ Management Contract
✓ Insurance certificate
✓ Minutes
✓ Legal Actions
✓ Special Assessments
✓ Phone or personal meeting
✓ Rush service (optional)


  • Services
  • Executive Summary
  • Risk Indicators
  • Detailed Document Review
  • Phone Meeting
  • Personal one-on-one Meeting
  • Turnaround time from date when all documents provided
  • Rush Expedited Service
  • Rate (Plus GST)
  • Personal
  • N/A
  • 4 Days
  • N/A
  • $425
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  • Expedited
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • 2 Days
  • $475
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